I presented a three hour interactive workshop in Parramatta on the above.

Here’s the link to the presentation

and the blurb:

This presentation is for any business owner planning to build and sell their business, or simply wanting to increase its value. More than 40% of business owners will try to sell their businesses over the next five years as a result of the baby boomer generation going into retirement and it is absolutely imperative that if your business is to received its deserved “return on investment” that steps are taken now to make the buisness attractive and desirable for potential purchasers.

The presentation covers:

1. PLANNING AHEAD: How will key industries evolve over the next five years. Some tools to assist you with strategic foresight.

2. UNDERSTANDING THE MARKET: when is the best time to sell? Understanding how a business is valued, and the difference between a strategic investor and a owner / operator buyer.

3. PREPARING FOR SALE: what strategic and tactical actions can you take to improve the value of your business prior to sale.

4. FINDING BUYERS: A guide to making the most of the acquisition process, ranging from defining your target audience through to buyer due diligence.