Glad that the search engines brought you here, or did you visit of your own accord?

I help my clients buy and sell companies in the $1m to $20m price range, through my company Strategic Transactions an ideal choice for facilitating and project managing business sales and acquisitions in food & beverages, technology-platform and health & beauty businesses.

More specifically I am involved with:

* Strategy & targeting acquirers, negotiation and consummating a transaction.
* Project managing the 10 stage transaction- interactions with other parties, and all appointed legal and financial advisors.
* Business valuations for companies considering a business sale, partnership dissolution, raising capital or acquiring / divesting subsidiaries.
* Strategic valuations – specific to an M&A or other transaction, recommendations on bid price, modelling of synergies and post transaction risk / return outcomes.
* Decision analysis. Financial modelling and scenario planning. Negotiating and empowering negotiators with appropriately justified analysis.

Aside from that, I’ve two children, Zara and Anton – am interested in the following: Running another marathon under 3:45 (once my knee recovers), Old Red Wines, Human Rights, Gourmet Cookery, Travel to Remote but Safe Destinations, British & American stand up comedians, Tao Te Ching (道德經) and helping my two teens have wonderful, happy lives.

2020 will be a busy year.  I’m currently authoring my second book “Selling a Business That Buyers Really Value.”  This is a guide designed to help business owners through the exit planning and transaction process.