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Comment on Australian Mid-Market Mergers & Acquisitions. Reviewing optimal M&A outcomes incorporating – strategic valuations, bid price setting, scenario game theory and financial modelling.


Mark Ostryn

Director of Strategic Transactions -I've a fanatical passion for helping the smartest entrepreneurs create successful global companies. Interests outside work? Running marathons. Old Red Wines, Human Rights, Gourmet Cookery, Travel to Remote but Safe Destinations, British Self-Depracating Comedians, Writers & Commentators across the political spectrum, Tao Te Ching (道德經) and helping my two troublesome teenagers have wonderful & happy lives.

Prepare to Sell Your Company to a Potential Acquirer

Here's what typically happens.  You've spent years building up your company to where it is now.  You've got a buyer who seems interested.  You've met, you've made some small talk, presented the business briefly and the prospective buyer seems to... Continue Reading →

Acquiring a Company – Sample Transaction Process

In recent months, I've detected an increase in the number of SME's contacting me seeking to acquire companies of a similar size in order to capitalise on their client base, technology or strengths in the supply chain. It's often said... Continue Reading →

Getting Great Returns on your Business Sale

I presented a three hour interactive workshop in Parramatta on the above. Here's the link to the presentation and the blurb: This presentation is for any business owner planning to build and sell their business, or simply wanting to increase... Continue Reading →

Due Diligence – What to Expect

Due Diligence can be the most stressful part of selling your company.  A number of people have asked me for a definitive list of what they are likely to be asked for by the prospective vendor. Due Diligence is a... Continue Reading →

Selling Your Growth Story To Investors

Getting the buy in from investors when seeking capital for an acquisition

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