I’ve just completed analysis on the 36 M&A deals (price $1-100m) that have been publicised in Australia so far in 2014.
The complete ( I hope) deal list and analysis can be downloaded here.

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Summarising the 36 deals:

  • 50% have had both an Australian buyer and seller.
  • 42% have had an international acquirer.
  • 8% have been Australian buyers acquiring international concerns.

And the publicised reason for buying?

  • 31% have stated that its access to customers in new geographies.
  • 19% is to broaden the acquirers range of products and services
  • 17% is to enable access to sellers technologies

Finally, the disclaimer –  Much of the information here has been scooped from public domain data.  I don’t take any responsibility for the accuracy of such data, but welcome corrections.  Some of my opinions may be speculative.  Consequently, please feel free to contact me to set the record straight.

Hope it’s useful!
Mark Ostryn