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Comment on Australian Mid-Market Mergers & Acquisitions. Reviewing optimal M&A outcomes incorporating – strategic valuations, bid price setting, scenario game theory and financial modelling.

MidMarket M&A Transactions – Australia in 2016…

Five Key Findings in Australian MidMarket acquisitions in 2016 The most active sectors are consumer discretionary and industrial. The two comprise of around 42% of all private and public acquisitions. 26% of Australian company acquisitions came from overseas buyers, with... Continue Reading →

Note to MidMarket Accountants – Your skills may be under utilised in your clients’ transactions.

By Mark Ostryn, Director Strategic Transactions & Valuations and M&A Specialist at Link Corporate. 29th February 2016 Key Takeaway: Many MidMarket accountants are not sufficiently involved in business acquisition and sale transactions. As a result, accountants neglect significant fee income... Continue Reading →

Potholes on the Road to Completion – Negotiating The Company Sale Contract A Guide for MidMarket Sellers – Part One

This week the repugnant Donald Trump bragged to his adoring masses at a Florida rally* that he managed to get a $20m discount from a golf course he was purchasing, after he signed the contract. Trump simply told the seller... Continue Reading →

Should Your Company be on the Acquisition Trail?

Should your company be on the acquisition trail? Written by Mark Ostryn, Mergers & Acquisitions Facilitator, LINK Sydney You’re in a dynamic, fast growing industry, but achieving organic growth solely through reinvesting free cash flow, may not be the best strategy. ... Continue Reading →

Looking Forward To a Successful Business Sale

You’ve built up a sizeable business. It’s profitable and still growing, but you know there’s more to life than 65 hour weeks. You’re an “empty nester” and keen for more golf and extended vacations. You’re ready to sell. However, your... Continue Reading →

Middle Market M&A in Australia – Mid Year Update

I've now updated my report on all MidMarket M&A transactions ($1m to approx $100m) that have had media coverage this year. Key Findings: * There were 136 traceable transactions -around 1 per day since mid-January. * In 45% of those... Continue Reading →

Business Valuation – Fact or Fiction?

Historic financial reports form the basis of all business valuations, but there is always a wide discrepancy between the theoretical value of a business and its actual selling price.  This is because there are a number of criteria, most of... Continue Reading →

What’s My Business Worth? Unsolicited Approaches from Acquirers.

Ever received an offer from an unsolicited buyer? The most common question I’m asked by a potential seller, is “what’s my business worth?” It’s also the toughest question to answer, as it depends on the industry, size of company, its... Continue Reading →

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