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Comment on Australian Mid-Market Mergers & Acquisitions. Reviewing optimal M&A outcomes incorporating – strategic valuations, bid price setting, scenario game theory and financial modelling.

Prepare to Sell Your Company to a Potential Acquirer

Here's what typically happens.  You've spent years building up your company to where it is now.  You've got a buyer who seems interested.  You've met, you've made some small talk, presented the business briefly and the prospective buyer seems to... Continue Reading →

Acquiring a Company – Sample Transaction Process

In recent months, I've detected an increase in the number of SME's contacting me seeking to acquire companies of a similar size in order to capitalise on their client base, technology or strengths in the supply chain. It's often said... Continue Reading →

Getting Great Returns on your Business Sale

I presented a three hour interactive workshop in Parramatta on the above. Here's the link to the presentation and the blurb: This presentation is for any business owner planning to build and sell their business, or simply wanting to increase... Continue Reading →

Due Diligence – What to Expect

Due Diligence can be the most stressful part of selling your company.  A number of people have asked me for a definitive list of what they are likely to be asked for by the prospective vendor. Due Diligence is a... Continue Reading →

Selling Your Growth Story To Investors

Getting the buy in from investors when seeking capital for an acquisition

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