A few of my transactions:

International Food Company:
Under pressure from Supermarket own brand products, this international  food producer needed to acquire various downstream value add companies in order to expand it’s product range.  Mark Ostryn successfully spearheaded a major acquisition programme that saw his clients sales and market share dramatically increase.
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Leading Medical Design & Construction Company
The growth of the importance of design in private medical facilities, enabled a has enabled a mid-sized company to exit the industry having achieved a “roll up” with its closest competitor.  Mark Ostryn oversaw the strategic sale and transaction process, managing the often difficult issues of confidentiality, resulting in a highly successful strengthened merged company.
International Materials Management Company
Often the best outcomes are the deals not done!  Mark Ostryn acted as “buyers agent” contemplating the multi million dollar acquisition of a national license to distribute products and services from an US manufacturer.  After rigorous evaluation, financial modelling and due diligence, the deal was found to be adverse to the buyers best interests.
Online Business Information Company.
The inception and growth of online business information saw the information industry turned on its head.  Mark Ostryn oversaw the completion of a “David & Goliath”acquisition of a company with 10x the sales volume of the acquirer, followed by the eventual sale of the combined operation to one of the world leading news vendors.
International eShopping Company.
Mark Ostryn represented a European based SAAS (software as a service) company seeking to acquire various companies with intellectual properties that would enhance the offerings of the acquirer. Mark undertook due diligence on various companies and having selected an appropriate target worked as entrepreneur-in-residence to ensure that the blended technology could be easily integrated into the parent.
Other Recent Transactions

INDUSTRY:  Car Technology
ASSIGNMENT:  Capital Raising, Strategic Sales and International Alliances
CHALLENGES:  Leverage a small unfunded company operating in a rapidly changing environment by capitalising on their IP to ensure rapid growth.

INDUSTRY:  Financial Software
ASSIGNMENT:  Purchase a partnership in a software company
CHALLENGES:  Reversing the company from a technical to a marketing focus while ensuring that potential strategic partners were engaged.

INDUSTRY:  Marketing Services
ASSIGNMENT:  Revitalising a full range marketing services company,
CHALLENGES:  Reorienting it’s focus towards new media and it’s market towards midsized companies rather than SME’s

INDUSTRY:  Materials Management
ASSIGNMENT:  Evaluate acquisition of a local agency to project manage materials assignments, promote and distribute market intelligence and evaluate the  efficacy of developing local libraries.
CHALLENGES:  Developing a financial model based on anticipated local demand for the services.

INDUSTRY:  Financial Services
ASSIGNMENT:  Evaluate a company sell versus a MBO succession.
CHALLENGES:  Ensuring an effective balance between owners and managers needs, while ensuring the ongoing viability of the enterprise.

ASSIGNMENT:  Capital raising in order to assist with global growth
CHALLENGES:  Acceptance of revolutionary technology by a conservative market.

INDUSTRY:  Consumer Hair Care
ASSIGNMENT:  Launch product range in Australia.
CHALLENGES:  Assess the market viability.