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Comment on Australian Mid-Market Mergers & Acquisitions. Reviewing optimal M&A outcomes incorporating – strategic valuations, bid price setting, scenario game theory and financial modelling.


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When it’s time to sell your aesthetic medical practice.

So, you’re thinking of selling your practice? Let’s look at maximising the value of your business.

Tired of demanding staff, price-cutting competitors, over-regulation or just feel like a change?

Warning for Business Sellers. Multiples Can Be Dangerous

In reality, certain businesses if set up and structured correctly can sell for well above 7x profit while more than 50% of smaller businesses can never sell beyond the value of their physical assets.

Growing Your Australian Food & Beverage Business in 2020

Congratulations if you own a food & beverage business with 5 or more employees, You’ve built your business to be amongst the top 12% highest performing businesses in Australia.

What Makes Your Business Valuable? A 15 Factor Checklist.

Our analysis of several hundred Australian business transactions has found that the following fifteen factors affect sale values the most. Use Quick Value to test the value of your business.

Making Australian Food & Beverage Businesses more Valuable – East Asian Opportunities

The Australian agricultural industry is highly dependent on exports – 58 per cent of total food produce is sold overseas, of which East Asia is a significant part. Asian companies are diversifying their Australian portfolios from traditional sectors such as mining and property towards food and beverages.

Australian Technology M&A Transactions Report

Technology Over the last twelve months there has been a wide variety of buy/sell transactions in the broad Australian technology space. In 2017, the last full calendar year there were 87 recorded deals in the price bracket $1-200m. Download Full... Continue Reading →

Championing Food & Beverage Trends to Increase Business Value

Sales of Australian food business have been growing both in value and volume for several years. For example, in 2017 there was over 70 recorded sale transactions. From the perspective of the seller the most valuable sales resulted from where the owner seller had pioneered extensive product innovation prior to sale.

Australian Medical & Cosmetic M&A Transactions Report

Medical & Cosmetics Medical covers companies who manufacture health care equipment and supplies or provide health care related services, as well as owners and operators of health care products. It also encompasses those involved in the research, development, production and... Continue Reading →

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